So, here’s the thing

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Cup of Coffee


Riker smirked and let his hands roam around her body as he planted hard wet kissing down her neck. Soon he spun her around so she was facing him, pushing hair from her face he smiled. “Should I be totally scandalous and just mac on you in this jet.” He said with a smirk as he leaned into her for a soft kiss on the lips. 

His arms went around her waist she he brought her closer to him. “Oh course, not without your permission.” He whispered against her body.

Madge let out a soft chuckle at his words, her arms going around his neck to pull him in even closer as his lips met her own.
Her breathing was already heavy and she could feel the heat rise in her body. It was far too tempting to just let Riker do as he wanted, though a part of her was rather…fearful.
"Do as you please," she breathed against his lips, giving in to what she clearly wanted, whether she wanted to admit it or not.


Chord is going to pass out haha

Dianna Agron on Good Day LA (09-13-13)



meet my baby who isn’t much of a baby. He’s a year old, but he’s still my baby, ok? Ok :D

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Thin Ice ||Cyradge||


There was no point in arguing this subject.

A relationship required two people, both of whom wanted it to continue. Right then, no matter how much Cyr wanted to stay with Madge, she didn’t seem to want the same thing.
Or, not as much.
"Yeah…" He agreed softly, forcing a small smile.
"I guess…this is it then," He pulled his head back up and then scratched the back of his head. It was the first time in awhile that he had felt this awkward around her.
"I think…I’ll just call ahead of time when I can to pick up Blossom and such. If you don’t have the time to watch her, call me first if you can, right? No offense to your cousin and his friends, but I’d like to be the one spending time with my daughter," He laughed lightly and then stood up slowly.

Madge looked up as he stood, eyes trained on him.
She wanted to reach out, ask him to stay, but she forced herself not to.
This was what was best for them both. For him. Even if it didn’t feel like it in that precise moment.
"All right," though she knew herself too well to know she wouldn’t call. At least not unless she really had to. 
Tears stung her eyes and Madge quickly looked down and bit on her lower lip, biting back the tears for at least until he was gone.
Once she regained composure, she stood, though she avoided eye contact. “I’m really sorry, Cyr…” She croaked, then cleared her throat softly and met his eyes. “You deserve better.” Madge offered a small smile, wishing nothing but the best for him.

[ t e x t s ]

Sawyer: doesn't mean i can't be weird, madge.
Sawyer: make it four and we have a deal.
Sawyer: yeah, that's what i thought.
Sawyer: i am not!
Madge: Fair point.
Madge: DONE! Ok, until then.
Madge: Psh, I'm only letting you win due to your pregnancy. Don't feel special :P
Madge: You are. You are.